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Insego is a smart online social network and community blog with a global perspective where expats can interact, promote business and express opinions while offering advice related to expat living.

Formerly called Inside Twente, this smart online community was founded in September 2008 by Bea Stanford in a call to action to help expats, and now there are currently over 600 members on Insego, with around 200 living in the Twente region of the Netherlands, where the company is based.

This smart online community extends from the Netherlands to Europe and the rest of the world with members from all over the globe, which makes Insego also a great resource for those who plan on moving to the Netherlands. Members of Insego come together to share with each other relevant and supportive information, including other related topics such as local and national activities, travel tips, as well as information concerning healthcare, education and relevant advice for expat-entrepreneurs.

Although some members only interact online, the prospect of forming friendships with those who share something in common certainly exists.