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Inner Circle Labs is a strategic marketing communications group built on the following tenets:

  • People do their best work when they have a personal passion for what they do
  • PR people have a bad rep today and for good reason: too many people are peddling crap they don’t even like, let alone love, and selling the same old services to anyone with a budget
  • It’s time for a change – time to head to the lab and find a new way to work within the highly engaged, social world to reach the inner circle.

At Inner Circle Labs, we aim to change the world of the PR sell out. Unless we’d tell your story even if we weren’t getting paid, we won’t take on the engagement. Every marketer tells stories of their “favorites” but wouldn’t the world be better (and wouldn’t marketing have a much higher ROI) if you only worked with “favorites”? So yeah, we play favorites. We say “no” more often than we say “yes.” And even though this sometimes leads to an awkward conversation, in the long term everyone’s happier and a real impact is made on the bottom line.

Inner Circle Labs works with companies ranging from consumer startups to enterprise-focused innovators – in industries including music, robotics and crowdsourcing. And we work to reach your inner circle through all mediums available – traditional media, social media, thought leadership, events, network building, collateral creation, digital content, paid placement, etc. There is no “practice area” – there is no “social vs. traditional” – at the Labs, if we love it, we'll do it. And, if you need help that falls outside of our tactical expertise, we’ll tap partners in our network to make it happen.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Inner Circle Labs was founded by Julie Crabill and Jonathan Neri in January 2010.

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"Inner Circle Labs is a next-gen agency with a trend-setting approach to brand management. ICL’s unusually able team offers formidable connections, insights, passion, and creativity to help you compete and thrive as the 21st century evolves."

Karen Tucker, CEO, Churchill Club



"We worked with Julie Crabill at eduFire and I can't imagine a better experience.  Julie put us in front of all the right people and was impeccable in her preparation.  In a short matter of time we were featured in a number of high-profile news sources."

Jon Bischke, CEO/Founder, eduFire, Inc/