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Company description

InMed is a social enterprise which provides a health-tech app that provides easy and fast access to get health service given by professional health workers. InMed creates a health-tech app with the same name that gives easy access and can be used anytime and anywhere without any limitation to the operational hours or the distance between the home residences to the nearest public health facilities.


  • Gamal Albinsaid
    Gamal Albinsaid | Team member
    Gamal Albinsaid, MD, M.Biomed, Indonesia Medika CEO, a young doctor, researcher, technopreneur, and sociopreneur from Indonesia. Gamal is the founder of InMed. Gamal got Mentoring from Cambridge Program Sustainability Leadership.
Awards and Mentions
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    IndoHCF Innovation Awards merupakan program penghargaan kepada instansi dan individu/kelompok perorangan yang telah berhasil menjalankan program-program peningkatan pelayanan kesehatan. Program penghargaan ini dilaksanakan dengan harapan dapat memacu perkembangan pengembangan positif dalam inovasi dan teknologi di bidang kesehatan yang berkelanjutan guna meningkatkan kualitas pelayanan kesehatan di Indonesia.
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    Creative Business Cup is the destination for every creative mind, innovative thinkers and future leaders.
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    Empowering the next generation of social entrepreneurs by providing mentoring, exposure, and over $80000 in prizes to transform their ideas into ventures.
  • Business model

    Since InMed is a super app that consist of many features, the financing of this app comes from any source. To date, between the two current features that run, only Med-Fund which is gaining any revenue from the crowdfunding model. Through this revenue model, InMed takes 12,5% of the total donations as the management fee. As additional information, to date, Med-Fund has gained about IDR 1,5 billion. It is meant that the main financial source for InMed is only IDR 187.500.000.

    Competitive advantage

    There are several similar initiatives we found in the market, which focus on the identical concept of   InMed. However, most of them provide different technical actions, which mostly cover more costly consultations, inaccessible in terms of the place and money, less-qualified health workers, no online consultation, an increasing gap between the richest and the poorest, and more importantly have a tendency to the precariousness of the Indonesian society. To address this current situation, InMed attempts to innovate more effective and accessible health services with many beneficiaries.

    The benefits of InMed over other health services: (1) In terms of cost, there is no fees related to the management of hospital or clinics and InMed provides free services for the poorest; (2) In terms of access, this is the only platform in Indonesia providing health services and emergency appointments at patients houses; All sick people can have access to InMed services, regardless of financial resources and mean of locomotion; and Emergency appointments available 24/7; (3) In terms of the quality, there is collaboration with only qualified health workers; consideration of the patients reviews about the health workers rewards; patients can choose their health workers; patients review about the health workers rewards are considered; (4) In terms of the online consultation, It is available in InMed; (6) In terms of the economic impact, InMed attempt to improve the valorization of qualified health workers to increase their self-confidence and efficiency. More importantly, it increases job opportunities for skilled health workers.