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Inkling, Inc.

We enable inklings to happen
Chicago, Illinois, United States United States
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Capturing the collective wisdom of your employees and customers helps reveal information that would have never surfaced otherwise.

When we all read the business and trade press, we regularly see headlines such as: "Product to be shipped 6 months late," "Quality problems plague new product," and "Costs of raw materials weighing on business performance." Industry stalwarts big and small are plagued by headlines such as these on a regular basis. Their stock price suffers, their customers become disillusioned, and competitive advantage is compromised. We believe there is a resource at your disposal to avoid headlines like these to get relevant information in to the hands of decision makers earlier so they can be proactive about addressing potential issues: the collective intelligence of your own employees and customers. All in a Software as a service package.

  • Adam Siegel
    Adam Siegel | Team member
    I'm the co-founder of Inkling, a company offering a platform for organizations to run their own prediction marketplaces. Before co-founding Inkling, I worked at Accenture, the global consulting firm, for over a decade serving more than a dozen cli...
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