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Los Altos, California, United States United States
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The current size of the Healthcare IT market is $25B, with $80B projected growth by 2015*. The growth is being driven by a need to improve operational efficiency and point of-care decision support. Healthcare organizations, physicians and clinicians must provide continuity of care with multiple providers. The quality of care is negatively impacted by fragmented, low quality and siloed data accumulated by various healthcare service providers, labs, pharmacies and etc. This leads to a number of problems, including duplication of medical tests, loss of patient information, difficulty tracing referrals, and other expenses. The existing Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Healthcare Information Exchanges (HIE) systems have failed to address these issues. Informedika created a data service to aggregate, normalize and federate data from multiple sources. Healthcare providers can subscribe to Informedika’s data service to provide and consume relevant data through a secure DaaS API, web-based portal and mobile alerts. Subscriber groups include: physicians, hospitals, Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), HIEs, insurance companies, suppliers and healthcare professionals. Informedika data service is designed for a nation-wide scalability and high availability powered by BigData and distributed processing technology. Informedika’s value is in making community-driven healthcare affordable by significantly improving quality of service, drastically reducing operating costs and enabling accountability in community payment distribution.

*Source: Kalorama Information,Inc.