Competitive Intelligence Reports. Know your competition.
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Company description

Crowdsourced Competitive Intelligence.

InfoArmy is recruiting an army of global researchers to create Competitive Intelligence Reports on companies and their competitive eco-systems.

Competitive Intelligence Reports were designed from the ground up for the iPad.

Business model

Crowdsourced revenue-share model. We split report revenue 50-50 with the research team. 

At present, if you want to learn about the competitive landscape for a particular company then you must research it yourself. With an InfoArmy competitive intelligence report, you can learn in 2 minutes what would have taken 2 days to do on your own. 


Competitive advantage

InfoArmy iPad reports are updated every quarter, which allows for trend analysis on everything from revenue estimates to the design of the website homepage.

Another important difference is that InfoArmy reports allow you to analyze the company in the context of its competitive landscape.