Location: 355 Adelaide Street West, Toronto, Canada Canada
Founded in: 2010
Stage: Post-launch
Number of employees: 16-30
Funding history:
- Date: 03/2014, IPO: undisclosed amount
Investors: Sean Jacobsohn
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Toronto, Canada Canada

Influitive helps considered-purchase companies (B2B, high price B2C) generate qualified leads and shorten buying processes through increased customer advocacy, including referral leads, reference calls, case studes etc. The defining characteristic of the product is a superior advocate experience, delivered through a fun, game-like interface.

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Company description

Influitive helps companies manage and mobilize their advocates, fans and evangelists, driving more of the references, referral leads, success stories and social media interaction that is so crucial in today's social buying era. Influitive provides a unique software platform that companies can customize to provide the ultimate advocacy experience for their preferred customers and encourage them to remain enthusiastic evangelists for their products. Companies can scale their advocate operations to hundreds or thousands of advocates with the unique self-service, always-on AdvocateHub approach, driving more tailored reference calls, referral leads, success stories, social media contributions and more.


Influitive, based in Toronto and San Francisco, is changing the face of B2B marketing through its innovative AdvocateHub platform for advocate marketing. Today’s buyers are leveraging knowledgeable peers at roughly twice the rate than they did even four years ago. Influitive’s AdvocateHub lets marketers capture the enthusiasm of their best customers, followers, and evangelists, turning that into direct support through all stages of the buying cycle, from social media reviews and customer referrals to case studies and references.


Influitive’s customers include some of most successful and fastest-growing business-to-business software firms in the world, who use their AdvocateHubs to massively shorten their customers’ buying processes while maximizing win rates against competitors. For more information, please visit

  • Mark Organ
    Mark Organ | Team member
    Entrepreneurial go-to-market specialist; CEO, CMO. Specialties: Recruiting talent, strategic alliances, corporate finance, sales compensation design, big deal sales
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