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Company description

Industry is a professional network, marketplace, and hiring solution for top talent in the service and hospitality industry.



  • Cody Barbo
    Cody Barbo | Founder
    Cody Barbo is an entrepreneur from San Diego, CA. He now is the founder and CEO of Industry, a professional network and hiring solution for the service and hospitality industry.
  • Matthew C Cecil
    Matthew C Cecil | Founder
    My name is Matt Cecil and I am the co-founder of Industry. Industry is a professional network for the service and hospitality industry. Our mission is to make service and hospitality professionals more likely to succeed in their careers. Our vis...
  • Varun Villait
    Varun Villait | Team member
    Varun has spent most of the last decade managing technology and digital products at various organizations. Growing up with a family owned restaurant the industry holds a special place in Varun’s heart. He’s here to deliver the best exp...
  • Eric Urhausen
    Eric Urhausen | Team member
    Developer/engineer and partner support professional specializing in web development, app development and automation. Very interested in game app development for mobile, web and desktop. Looking for a company where I can expand my knowledge and und...
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