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Company description

IndieGoGo is a collaborative funding platform. Anyone with an idea (creative, cause, or entrepreneurial) can create a campaign on IndieGoGo, offer perks and raise the funds needed for execution - all while keeping 100% ownership. Customers range from artists (musicians, writers, filmmakers, etc.) who pre-sell their work as a way to fund it, to people raising money on behalf of charities to small businesses offering limited edition items or access to fund their start-up capital.

IndieGoGo launched the beta in 2008 within the film vertical. By 2009 IndieGoGo became the largest online film funding platform and brand. In 2010, IndieGoGo focused on further developing its funding tools and opened the platform to more verticals. Recent growth has been excellent at IndieGoGo including:

* Revenue up 24x in last year
* Funding projects from 134 countries
* 11,000+ projects
* Webby Award Nomination (versus Flickr, Vimeo & Digg)

Business model

IndieGoGo charges 4% on all funds raised when the project reaches or exceeds its funding goal by their deadline, and 9% if they don't reach their goal.  

Competitive advantage

The industry has been validated by VC funded competitors and several new entrants into the market.  IndieGoGo differentiators include:

1. Pricing incentives: Posting a project is absolutely free. Projects keep all the funds they raise less 4% when they reach their goal (or 9% if they don't.) 

2. International capabilities:  As long as a project has a bank account, there are no restrictions on locations for project owners or funders.   IndieGoGo is currently in over 130 countries.

3. Fiscal sponsorship integration: We can offer tax deductions to contributors through our Fractured Atlas & San Francisco Film Society fiscal sponsor partnerships.  We're the only site online funding site with this capabilitiy, and projects only have to pay one fee for the access to multiple organizations.  

4. 24-hour customer service policy:  We have a 24-hour policy for any questions, requests, or troubleshooting inquiries.  Our customer happiness team provides frequent tips on how to improve campaigns based on recent success stories.

5. Campaign data & analytics:  Each campaign is equipped with a dashboard to track the number of referrals and dollars a fan or 3rd party organization drives to the campaign by sharing via Facebook, Twitter and other embedded social media tools.

6. Strategic partnerships:  We are partnered with MTV New Media, who uses IndieGoGo to curate projects for their network.   Partnership with provides turnkey online distribution services for film projects.

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