InCare, LLC

New York City, New York, United States United States
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Company description

We help people who are suffering from neurological differences (autism, brain trauma and mood disorders) with skill-building IoT products that lessen the severity of their symptoms. The problem we are addressing is people not having access to adequate mental healthcare. Our solution is to provide wearable IoT products that create the sensation of a hug to calm you down when experiencing stress and anxiety. Our wearables connect to an app which collects biometric data, manages support systems and teaches therapy skills.


Awards and Mentions
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    2nd place at a hardware accelerator program
  • Business model

    Software as as service


    B2C Retail as Wellness product to consumers

    Competitive advantage

    Ours is the only vest that can be worn all day and inflated with a simple touch-gesture. It is also the only vest on the market that will integrate with a smartphone to offer the end-user access to self-soothing exercises and the option of reaching out to people who care about them. It is also very sleek and does not require a big hand pump that further stigmatizes the user. 

    1. Instant activation and relief using gesture control. 

    2. soothing exercises, such as meditative breathing

    3. Social support and interconnection.