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iMovR is the leading innovator in the office fitness category. We design, manufacture and sell standing desks, treadmill desks, sit-stand tables, and a wide array of ergonomic accessories from standing mats to monitor arms. 

iMovR's production is on-demand (think Dell), allowing us to offer tens of thousands of product customizations to each customer, and still ship every workstation out within one week of order. Are products are high-tech, featuring blue-tooth enabled smartphone apps, 3D-laminated surfaces, and the latest in linear actuator and controller electronics technology.

We're also building the 'iMovR Cloud' - allowing users to sync their at-the-desk activity (sitting, standing vs walking) with their personal wearable devices, and for enterprise customers to sync the data with their corporate wellness software platforms. Learn more about the iMovR Cloud development at

iMovR is part of Thermogenesis Group, Inc., which also owns and the Office Fitness Media Group.