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Keeping Track of Your Meds Shouldn’t be Hard
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iMED Tracker aims to make the entire process of automating prescription lists and coordinating with doctors simple enough that everybody joins the Medication Compliance Revolution - a revolution in the way we look at medication adherence and the tools we use to accomplish it.

iMED Tracker is an intuitive app developed from the ground up to be very easy to use for tracking the user's meds and prescription reminders. A 2-step syncing between the patient and their physician ensures that there is no miscommunication on prescribed medications, while preserving the privacy of the patient.
Each year, several million people in the United States fall ill due to poor medication adherence and accidental overdosing/missing of dosages. Of those, more than 125,000 accidents are fatal. With a two-pronged approach bringing both doctors and patients together, iMED Tracker aims to solve this problem.