Teaching computes to see.
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Monetizing multi media & User Generated content for Big Brands, ad networks, ad agencies, multi media sites... delivering a technology solution that extracts "actionable" data from images and videos so Big Brands can create & deliver more relevant digital advertising through ad personalization based on a consumer's affinities, revealed by the photos & videos they share online. 

IDC reports that 80% of an organization's (aka Big Brand) data is not numeric. 

ImageVision is delivering "BigPictureAnalytics" to organizations realizing that ImageVision can unlock the value of Visual Content via "VisualAnalytics"... the Shazam of Visual Content Monetization.

"Image is everything… delivering the BigPicture - Big Data for Images & Videos." 

The Power of Images ||| 

Name of the company
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Walden Venture Capital - Unconfirmed
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