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the world’s first ‘appreciation engine’
London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
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ilikeucoz, a free web service that prompts you to make someone's day by sharing with them what you like about them. With a quick visit to you can easily, immediately and directly let someone know why they are special. In just a couple of clicks you can join people from all over the world in posting their spontaneous compliments and get inspiration for your message from the Cozmos, a public time line of what people write to the people they like.

The inspiration for ilikeucoz came to founder Fabio De Bernardi when his girlfriend asked, ‘Why do you love me?’ Floundering for the single perfect answer, he decided that for one month, he and his girlfriend would write down something they like about each other every day, ultimately revealing the true essence of their love. And thus the idea for ilikeucoz was born.

Compliments are free, easy to give and great to receive.” De Bernardi said. “We built ilikeucoz to make it simple to spread the feel-good factor that being appreciated brings. Everyone needs a bit of a boost, so tell someone 'ilikeyoucoz...' today.”

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