IGAPI by Social Game Universe

IGAPI by Social Game Universe
Driving cross promotion, revenue and retention for App developers.
Toronto, Canada Canada
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Company description

IGAPI (the Inter-Game API) is the next generation banner, allowing developers to add social interactions, transactions, and game mechanics to their game, site, or app, in place of the standard banner adIGAPI helps drive new users, retain existing users, and generate new revenue streams. IGAPI is easy to implement, works across multiple platforms, and provides powerful back-end data analysis

Awards and Mentions
  • 6625_100
    Vator Splash 2011 Top 10 Finalist
    Vator Splash is a San Francisco based high tech start-up event.
  • 6625_22
    Recognized as one of Canada's hottest innovative companies in 2010 by the Canadian Innovative Exchange
  • Business model

    Social Game Universe receives a share of any transactions conducted through IGAPI, such as the sale of virtual or digital goods. In the future, SGU may take a commission on the sale of any ads or cross-promotions executed through IGAPI. Finally, while many of IGAPI's features are free to use, SGU may institute a premium service level with fees for more complex features and higher levels of usage

    Competitive advantage

    IGAPI is the only system to combine social game mechanics and cross-promotions with the users' social graphs. IGAPI's patent pending Action Card systemactually facilitates social play between users and makes games, sites, and applications truly social.