Autonomous AI that instantly detects disease
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IDx’s first solution was envisioned nearly 20 years ago when founder Dr. Michael Abramoff was working as a practicing ophthalmologist in the Netherlands.

Dr. Abramoff noticed how much time he spent screening people for diabetic retinopathy who did not have disease, while people who were going blind had to wait months to be diagnosed.

“This is so inefficient,” he thought. “There has to be a better way.”

Frustrated, Dr. Abramoff, who had previous training in artificial intelligence and software development, began to research ways to automate the process of detecting diabetic retinopathy.

In 2010, Dr. Abramoff realized that in order to have the biggest impact on healthcare productivity, he needed to develop fully autonomous systems capable of making medical decisions by themselves. This led him to found IDx to further develop the scientific research so these autonomous AI systems could reach patients safely and effectively.

Today, the automated diabetic retinopathy diagnostic solution Dr. Abramoff had envisioned years ago is a fully developed product called IDx-DR that is authorized by the FDA for use in clinical care.