Location: McLean, Virginia, United States United States
Founded in: 2015
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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McLean, Virginia, United States United States
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PROBLEM: Video has exploded onto the global scene. Vast amounts of visual data, both online and offline. Practically impossible to search or analyze massive video in a consistently intelligent, comprehensive, or scalable way. The challenge will only grow more complex as EVERYTHING becomes video. “Acoustic and digital video fingerprinting technology is expected to be one of the most promising segments during the forecast period.” -Wired SOLUTION: THE INTELLIGENT VIDEO PLATFORM (IVP): The IVP is a commercial-ready, breakthrough technology that enables Commercial-ready high-speed visual content recognition and indexing, combined with real-time search, verification, & reporting. Within is the Big Video Index (BVI) algorithms that can handle millions of search & identification queries in milliseconds. Instant, language-agnostic, in-video matching & verification of specific clips, faces or objects across vast repositories. Real-Time, actionable metadata is passed on through web-hooks/API for in-video search, identification & verification. State-of-the art machine-learning & artificial intelligence techniques enable highly scale & accurate data. Clever use of deep learning makes facial and object recognition significantly less human dependent. Big Video Index (BVI) able to store millions of hours of video metadata in small footprint files. Can easily scale to billions of hours of video without loss of performance. Extreme accuracy, speed and efficiency.