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Founded in: 2012
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
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Improve and validate your marketing. Get a better conversion rate and ROI.
Moncton, Canada Canada
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Company description

Let marketing experts improve and polish your advertisements, logo or website so you can reach your audience better and increase your conversion rate and ROI.

Idealinput is an on-demand and inexpensive marketing consulting service. It is ideal for any businesses wishing to improve or test their marketing. 

Experts who offer the same services we provide will charge you hundreds of dollars and you'll only have one expert. Our service save your business both time and money. Our services starts at only $86, which is much lower than any other alternatives, plus you'll get two experts instead of one - producing the results you are looking for much faster than any other service can. 


How it works:

1. You send us your marketing - takes only 60 seconds.

2. We send your marketing to two marketing, branding and advertising experts with years or experience.

3. The experts review, validate, proof-read, critique and improve your marketing so your marketing can be more effective.

4. Your receive the reviews and can now improve your marketing and get a better marketing return on investment (ROI).


Why use Idealinput:

1. To make sure the website, logo, or ad you paid hundreds or thousands for reaches its full potential. 

2. Cost less than any other consulting service or firm. You get the expert advice at a fraction of the cost. Idealinput offers a service firms does not offer.

3. Receive valuable feedback you can immediately apply to your marketing in 72 hours or less. 

4. A fast, easy and inexpensive way to help you increase sales and revenues.

Don't  worry about receiving a bunch of charts and graphs that are irrelevant to improving your business marketing. You will receive precise and valuable feedback containing all the information you need which you can easily apply so you can increase the effectiveness of your marketing.


You're probably paying lots of money for your website and ads. Without knowing it, you might be losing a lot. Make sure your marketing reaches its full potential and you get more results from your marketing money. Idealinput is simple, affordable and effective. Stop losing time and money.

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Business model

Bootstrapped. - Online service which offers startups, entrepreneurs, and small and medium businesses, on-demand and inexpensive marketing consultants who will provide reviews, advice and feedback for their marketing.

Competitive advantage

Great, fast, and inexpensive reviews from true top marketing experts.