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Company description
ideabreaker is a collaborative idea management platform that fuels innovation by translating ideas into action. Unlike existing project management tools, which offer a uniform workspace and rigid functionality, our product adapts to each individual user and idea, evolves in parallel, and delivers actionable results.

Business model
We utilize a freemium model which efficiently drives customers to our product through word of mouth and search engine optimization. We promote conversion by offering increased storage capacity, greater numbers of users, more robust security options, and an enhanced system of support.    
Competitive advantage

1.Wide range of plug/play widgets(applications) that span the entire model
*All expected and desired features offered on a single, transparent platform with a robust data model to support seamless integration. Most innovation management systems are comprised of multiple individually priced and installed components on a rigid framework.

2.User customized interface/platform
*Users start with a very simple, straight forward interface. Applications and tools are only added as needed to support current work efforts. Users can also place or remove content as needed throughout the UI to best support their own work habits. The work space grows in parallel with their progress and adapts to the particular application. The interface will be a refreshing change for users and a marked improvement over traditional tabbed environments.

3.Highly relevant, relational content
*Every component is related when it is created. That relationship is maintained until acted upon by a user. Being able to relate otherwise independent components is an extremely powerful framework for collaboration. This intuitive process brings automation to previously mundane processes resulting in increased productivity.

4. Highly efficient
*Users should never have to transfer data or duplicate effort. If a task is assigned during a mind mapping session, it should be persisted automatically as a task at that level. The same is true for any other component created at any point within the product, whether milestones, alerts, messages, etc. Our underlying database design ensures that all pertinent information is readily available, saving time and energy.

5. Framework for rapid development of new widgets(applications) to compliment offering
*We can have it yesterday. Add-ons created for the community or by the community that follow our specification can be implemented withing the existing framework and leveraged immediately. We not only encourage user input regarding features, we encourage development. If a user has need for a particular plugin or tool, chances are that other members can benefit as well.