ICON Aircraft

ICON Aircraft
The Next Powersport
Los Angeles, California, United States United States
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Company description
ICON Aircraft has developed the first recreational aircraft designed specifically for the mass consumer market.  Disruptive regulation changes in 2004 safely and dramatically lowered the training time and ownership cost for consumer aviation by more than 50%.  These new regulations enable ICON to address the enormous, latent demand for personal aircraft from a broader consumer demographic than previously possible.  The company's first product, the ICON A5, is an amphibious, trailerable, two-passenger sport aircraft with folding wings.  Since the public unveiling in the summer of 2008, the company has received more than 375 orders, representing $60M in backlog.  ICON has conducted over 100 flight and hydro tests to date.  With market and technology risk minimized, ICON is ready to enter production.
Business model

Georges Harik
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