Virtual support systems to help individuals make major life changes.
Fullerton, California, United States United States
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Company description

iChange's core philosophy is that major life changes are more easily achieved with support from others. iChange has built a system through which individuals can receive professional counseling and support from other individuals when making change. The company's first offering is nutrition and weight loss, where members can work with dietitians and nutrition support groups who provide guidance, support and accountability.

Business model

iChange has a freemium model where anyone can sign up for free and get access to basic tools, support groups, and guidance from one of the iChange guides.  iChange also offers subscriptions ranging from $19 to $99 per month where members can get personalized care from a qualified professional.

Competitive advantage

Our platform allows nutrition and health professionals to deliver personalized programs to thousands of clients/patients with a high degree of efficiency.  Clients and patients on the site receive an experience that, while much of it is automated, gives the feeing of being supported and held accountable by nutrition experts and the community.