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Company description

Legal expert systems automaticaly consulting on-line on US tax questions.
ICaR provides Information, Consults on a question and Reasons on What-If and How-To queries.
The proposed service is superior to the existing in many ways, here are just 3 key points mentioned:
-       Legal regulations and other knowledge, being represented through new technology, is running on-line Consulting (diagnostic), Explanation of decision made, What-If and How-To reasoning on user date, and automatic worksheets and other Report building features,
-       For construction of user answers we use semi natural language statements approach as opposed to simple Yes and No answers,
-       Knowledge base is completely separated from the program engine, so it doesn't require reprogramming to make changes, and any new additions and changes in law are just adding new database sources to the server.

Business model

We would generate income through:
- Selling services for development of tax expert systems to agencies and companies.
- Licensing ICaR engine software for third tax software development companies.
- Selling educational services for expert system development.
- Building and selling own new tax products and services.
Subject to further strategy development.

Competitive advantage

Our solution is superior TurboTax and other tax software, on-line services like IRS Tax Trials and UK DirectGov Benefits Adviser service because:
a) We completely separated Knowledge Base, User Information structure and Inference Engine and procedure software of each other. That allows us to use less efforts and time for changing working rules (knowledge base) up to the changed domain rules (legislation). That also allows us having not to build a new procedure program for the new knowledge or new domain.
b) ICaR knowledge and data structure is highly structured, however on the expert or user interface it looks like natural language dialog.
c) ICaR knowledge and data structure allows making QA process (information acquiring step) highly customized and tailored to the case – no stupid unnecessary questions. That looks like a good expert will ask you only couple questions that are important to the case.
d) ICaR explicit knowledge representation allows “playing” it in some other unique ways – running Why, What-If and How-to consulting. Like human experts do.