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Company description


What if we were able to combine the hottest money making concepts in business today, what would it look like?


   Online advertising-the fastest growing advertising market


    Marketing/advertising using HD video segments-the hottest technique and growing faster by the day


    Rewards/instant discounts valued to be a multi-billion dollar market


    A healthcare solution that saves time, money, and does not require      healthcare certifications


   Fantasy driven immersion experiences with a goal


    The latest fashions with instant discounts plus a personal experience


   The organic growth of a social environment


   Easy, convenient, fits into the busy lives of women


   Healthy Credits to take some of the financial burden away from insurance deductibles-This is a charitable concept that can be used as a built-in tax shelter


   Someone to greet you and verbally guide through and share your website experience


   Fully accessible through any hand held device


   Healthy advice


This is MY IEQ




Problem: Reports from the health care industry show the average doctor’s appointment involves face-to-face time of less than ten minutes. Everyone is aware of the reason; physicians feel like they are on a hamster wheel, especially in primary care, where the volume-driven system forces them to push patients through the office in increasing numbers as reimbursements continue to decline.


Doctors clearly are not given the face-to-face time needed to get  important lifestyle and environmental variables from the patient during their appointment.  The effect is an estimated $700B a year spent in healthcare without showing any positive outcomes!


Reports from patient’s say: “We aren’t being heard”, ” Those health questionnaires are very boring”, “I can’t relate to them”, “They leave out all kinds of information”, and “I always forget important things I needed to say on them”.


So how do we get doctors the vital patient information needed to make better informed decisions, without it costing more time and money, while making the questionnaire interesting, fun, convenient, and rewarding for the patient?


Our solution: I.E.Q is located at www.MYI.E.Q.com. (Coming soon) Our life-like Avatars socially interact with the user in fantasy driven HD immersive video segments of their choice, while collecting vital lifestyle and environmental variables needed by doctors. We also combine real rewards, time saving methods, set the stage for the organic growth of a social environment, and help reduce health insurance deductibles with healthy Credits, while improving outcomes. Everything is convenient and accessible through the web using cell phones, PDA’s, laptops, PC’s, and tablets.


Business model

Web based-revenue generated through licensing agreements with insurance providers-potential $100M+, revenue generated through a unique advertisng platform using the largest target demographic women 40-65. All advertised products naturally occur within our entertainment platform that allows the user control to learn more about the products and a rewards program that entices them to make an instant purchase, all while improving their health. A built-in tax shelter that comes from paying insurance deductibles of the users through earned through participation on the site.

Competitive advantage

Unique in the health care industry! Unique advserting platform! Unique social component!