Hypecal is the event hub focused on realtime event content worldwide.
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Hypecal is a cultural event hub that takes events from the source and sells them to companies looking for location content (airlines, hotels, travel sites). Hypecal does this using the following:

ESS (Event Standard Syndication): a new standard created by Hypecal that structures and unifies all kinds of events into a simple, open source, XML feed created and published from event organizers’ websites. http://essfeed.org

Hypecal Website (http://hypecal.com): a search engine for real time events (currently featuring upward of 10,000 events in 100 cities worldwide in 15 countries after one month in operation)

Hypecal's Margaret: a secretary app that locates real time events across the globe based on users’ unique preferences. Margaret adds value to Hypecal’s events and is sold as a whitemark-app. http://hypecal.com

Hypecal Event Search Engine : Margaret

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  • Business model

    Our intention is to monetize the ESS feeds aggregated into Hypecal and implemented to third party advertisers or any business seeking location based and real-time content.

    - First, through our portal hypecal.com we will have thousands of feeds available from event publishers (i.e. sports clubs, concert halls, art galleries, cinemas, museum). Our feeds will be based on categories (sports, entertainment, music...) and location specific. They will be quality controlled, validated and constantly updated thanks to robot crawlers. We will offer these feeds in packages under three types of subscription fees the bigger the package the higher the monthly rate: $99, $299 and $499 /month.

    - Secondly Hypecal's backoffice will be a place for events organizers to broadcast, promote and enriched their events thanks to interaction with other API (Facebook events, ticket sales, airplane ticket combination, SMS/news letter providers) this service will be commercialized with a subscription fee.

    - Finaly, thanks to the previous steps success, hypecal.com, as an events search engine, will generate trafic and advertisment revenue.

    We estimate, after technical development, to reach the first year 50 aggregated feeds and 10 beta clients.

    Competitive advantage

    Our current competitors are the individual online cultural calendars that are available such as eventbrite.com, eventful.com, Timeout, flavorpill.com and lecool.com, online magazines that offer events listings or specific local event portals (evene.fr, barcelonarocks.com, guia.bcn.cat...) and also new portals that use event in their business (facebook.com/event, minube.com, planspot.com). 

    The key differences is that thanks to our patented ESS technology we can offer an unprecendeted number of categories and feeds to interested parties. We are not limited by location and our event based content can be equally as valuable to a internet user looking to see what is happening in his/her city on any given night than to an airline looking to advertise deals to a specific place based around the events and happenings taking place in that city.

    With ESS feed, like it was with RSS's blogs entries, the information is build from the source. The main difference with competitors is that, until now, event promoters had to add their event information in third party portal's backoffice. With ESS, once the feed is created and validated we simplify the process and reduce considerabily the middle man need and the time spent to duplicate the content in various web's places. And once the link between event's creator > ESS feed > Hypecal is created there is no more human action needed to broadcast the information.

    ESS have also competitors like RSS with namespace's tags within the feed or .ICS feed format (or other calendar protocols), but events are so complex and specific that a dedicated new feed appears, after a long analysis, for us and for the professionals to whom we have presented the project, as the only solution to bring this industry to the new level. Using another specific one will generate confusion and incomprehension (RSS=text, ICS=date, KML=place).

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