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Humatics is pioneering microlocation technology, offering centimeter- and millimeter-scale positioning that is faster, more precise, and affordable than any existing 3D positioning or location tracking technology on the market. Our breakthrough microlocation system and analytics software comprise the Humatics Spatial Intelligence Platform™ that will revolutionize how people and machines locate, navigate and collaborate in the connected world.

Imagine the possibilities – people and robots working together closely, safely and collaboratively.  Augmented reality systems registering images to millimeter precision.  Drones hovering with exquisite precision while making millimeter-scale maps.  Military aircraft landing safely in all conditions.  Professional athletes optimizing their performance.  Autonomous vehicles driving with enhanced confidence.  Precise prediction of human motion in healthcare settings, predicting and avoiding injury, and speeding recovery.

Chris Sklarin
I caught the startup bug early as an engineer and now that I am an investor I love coaching companies and entrepreneurs who develop great products and services.