HowRandom helps you meet new people in college and make connections.
San Diego, California, United States United States
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HowRandom is an online chat site that anonymously pairs college students together in a secure environment. Offering college system email verification, San Diego-based HowRandom helps students from different schools to connect and exchange ideas. All chat information is private between the two participants, with college or university name being the only identifying characteristic.

Email registration is not required to participate, however students that want their school name to be verified can enter and verify a ".edu" email address. Once verified by HowRandom, that user's school name and verified symbol act as their identity in the chats.

Verification of a real college email address offers a layer of security and exclusivity and stops spammers and other similar entities from using the system. Additionally, users cannot share images or video which prevents the dissemination of inappropriate or personally identifiable information.

Founded by entrepreneurs Jon Cook (Pepperdine University) and Jason Humphries (University of South Carolina), HowRandom exists to serve the college market's need for an easy way for students to meet other students that are outside of their social circle of friends and without preconceptions based on appearance or other identifiable features. Mr. Cook and Mr. Humphries previously founded Veribu, a South Carolina-based company offering a free online communication platform for performing video chats, phone calls, and text messages.