STICKMAN Entertainment, Inc.
Location: Los Angeles, California, United States United States

STICKMAN Entertainment, Inc.

Changing the landscape of online gaming audio, while creating a multi-million dollar business in the process
Los Angeles, California, United States United States
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Company description

STICKMAN Entertainment, Inc. has developed the world’s first in-game radio and promotions network – TRACTION Radio. It is currently in beta test on 50,000 desktops.


Similar to concept of the in-game radio feature in the blockbuster title Grand Theft Auto, our product brings in-game radio to a new level by integrating a promotions network whereby major brands, record labels and game publishers can introduce new products to a captive audience.


TRACTION is a free, third-party application – compatible with 100% of PC games – which allows gamers to choose from a collection of branded game-oriented, music-driven radio stations designed specifically for them. These channels feature today’s hottest music and breaking bands -- replacing boring, redundant in-game soundtracks with fresh, new intensity driven tracks from gamers' favorite artists. The interface includes a proprietary media player boasting CD-quality sound at low bit rates and in-game controls. TRACTION is distributed through selected publishers and affiliates.


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Business model

For gamers, we provide up to 50+ channels of new music choice to gamers to replace poor quality, redundant in-game audio.


For publishers, by obtaining a footprint on the gamer desktop, we can help capitalize on the untapped, captive audio attention of a gamer, driving a 20-70% revenue increase direct to the publisher’s bottomline (rev shares from sponsor dollars, and our ability to boost new user sign-ups, improve gamer retention, re-energize inactive gamers, and increase sales of virtual in-game items by 1-5%). We pose no direct cost to the publisher, only a revenue stream.


For advertisers, we are the only choice for in-game audio-based promotions, capturing the captive attention of a gamer through the audio soundtrack (40-80 hours per month average playing time). We present an innovative new advertising model which blends promotions and sponsorships with the ease of purchasing a standard ad unit and the ability to pair major brand sponsors with relevant gaming products to offer the most attention-grabbing call-to-action for the consumer.

Competitive advantage

We address a clear problem in the online gaming space: boring, redundant in-game soundtracks and a lack of audio options for the world's 100+ million online PC gamers. Survey says … 90% of gamers are unhappy with their current in-game music options; 74% indicate that they would adopt a streaming music service.