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Where a video is worth a thousand pictures
Valencia, California, United States United States
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Company description

HotPluto is an all- Video Business Directory. Businesses create their FREE or Premium Advertising Membership by completing their business profile and uploading their video ad or message; consumers shop the directory for the products and services they need by viewing Video Ads.  

Unlike the "conventional" business directory that displays the company picture, text, and maybe a website link, Hot Pluto puts that company's message in motion. Furthermore, that message in motion allows the consumer to hear the owner talk about their company, see the inside of their store  and even see the products or services they are selling in use. This helps consumers build trust with the advertiser and make more informed purchase decisions.

Hot Pluto has over 350 video advertisiers from all over the U.S. and is planning to have a global pressence with offices currently in the U.S. and Australia. Plans are underway for establishing a pressence in China, Japan and other countries.

The Video Ad to the right is one example of a gal who runs her own home based business in Santa Clarita, CA.

Business model

Business Model

Hot Pluto offers both free and premium services to the Advertiser (business owner). Beyond the free video that can be placed in one category, the following premium services are available as the revenue generator for Hot Pluto:

Premium Services are $39.95/mo. Services include multiple video ad uploads (up to 7 unique ads), multiple category listings, creating and offering discount coupons, getting ad rated and commented on and interaction directly with consumers. $99.95/mo gets a video ad featured on the Home Page and all throughout the website.

Competitive advantage

- Exclusive video advertsing directory

- Low cost alternative to pay-per-click advertising

- Advocate for the Small Business (under 500 employees)

- Complete business profile with video representation

- Non-intrusive video advertising