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Hotels sell rooms through booking partners, but have no straightforward way to manage the information that is displayed about their property. And vice versa, booking sites without direct contracts, purchasing rooms through third party vendors such as bed banks and wholesalers, have no direct access to accurate hotel data and content that goes beyond pricing and availability.

Hotel Data Cloud helps hotels win back control of the descriptive content of their listings by establishing a globally consistent standard with automated distribution to all channels. We provide a central database that houses a hotel’s descriptions, photos and many additional data points. Hotels can instantly update and publish this information to any booking site. The standardized data feed even lets hoteliers push temporary changes, such us undergoing renovations.

Travel companies can access the hotel content through HDC's data feed, allowing them to provide detailed, consistent and reliable information to their customers before a booking is created. With an unrivaled depth of information and over 600 data points per property, travel agents can provide better recommendations and booking websites can fine-tune their hotel search functions with better filtering options, allowing travelers to make smarter booking decisions.

And thanks to HDC, redundant and trivial inquiries will be significantly reduced – neither travel companies nor hotels will have to repeatedly answer mundane questions like “How much does breakfast cost”. This frees up resources of travel agents and hotel staff to help customers and guests with issues that really do require their personal attention.

Our services are available for hospitality and travel businesses globally.