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Company description

Hopskoch is a framework for building integrated, scheduled, and on-the-fly social and multi-platform experiences for television programming (but really for all digital content).

We were inspired by Transmedia storytelling campaigns like the ARG Why So Serious and companies like 4th Wall Studios which pushed the boundaries of immersing your audience into a story. We wanted to create a set of tools that could be used to quickly configure and publish integrated social experiences for digital content. 

Our vision is that in the not too distant future (maybe a year or maybe 3 but) all content will come equipped with a social soundtrack (whether it be integrated experiences, call outs, audience influence or story branching) and Hopskoch plans to be the platform that content owners use to create it.

Business model

Hopskoch provides a flexible licensing model due to the variety of clients that we service:

License on an annual basis – Hopskoch will provide our full-suite of functionality and is happy to negotiate a heavily discounted usage-based license for both your multiplatform social integrated experiences and social marketing efforts. We provide full support with training and documentation to help you familiarize yourselves.
Project-by-project basis – If you have a specific show or marketing campaign we can determine a fixed price for integrating Hopskoch functionality.
Advertising model – We can work with you on the equivalent of a CPM (we call it CPE, Cost Per Engaged User) basis where we are paid as your users participate.


Competitive advantage


While the experiences created by Hopskoch is similar to a number of companies (voting, polling, user generated content), Hopskoch enables content creators  to configure sophisticated interactions in minutes or less. Each of our competitors provide developed solutions and what that means is that they require probably 4-6 months to bulid and deliver. With Hopskoch's engine we can deliver the framework for an entire show in days vs. weeks or months.
Additionally we are the only vendor of the group that can truly script out a 2-way conversation with fans across Twitter.  The interaction offered by the others is strictly one-direction and that limits the creativity that can be applied to the campaign.
Integrated Social Advertising in real-time. As an example we can provide real-time social ads in support of a sponsor that is relevant to the latest plot twists in a live show, created and published as things progress. At Hopskoch we look at ourselves as an enabler (or the third leg of a triangle) between network shows and their brand sponsors. 



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