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Hooked Media Group
Transforming Gaming from Solitary to Social.
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Hooked Media Group was founded in 2008 as a solution to the under-monetized world of casual gaming. Backed by US Venture Partners, Hooked Media is now a bustling community of players who love to play, compete and earn on the games they love. We break the traditional boundaries set by web and social platforms to create the best player experience everywhere - websites, social networks, and mobile devices.

Our platform, Yoo-Mee, shifts players' game experiences from solitary to interactive and social. Casual games in the past were designed to be played alone; Yoo-Mee turns this concept on its head and creates an experience that is driven by user interactions and powered by casual games. For example: Players play in tournaments using both virtual and cash-backed currencies... Players discuss in real-time their achievements across their favorite websites. Users challenge one another on a social network and answer it on a mobile device.

Hooked partners with companies to monetize games through distribution to our community and reach to our highly targeted and engaged audiences.

Ready to join the Yoo-Mee community? If so, Yoo-Mee is ready for you? Yoo-in? Let's play!

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