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Record, retrieve and analyze your web hops
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Company description

hooeey is a personal web application that records all web links that you browse and lets you use them in a fun and productive way.

The idea behind hooeey is that Internet users can re-use their browsing history in a productive manner to reduce time spent in searching for previously visited web pages, easily share interesting web pages with others and to use the provided dashboard to manage their browsing time more efficiently.
hooeey tackles the drawbacks of existing information re-locating tools and services (bookmarks, search engines, on-line tagging and link management sites) by following a simple approach:
hooeey de-links browser history from the browser
Browsing history data, which until now, was buried (or worse, lost) in the bowels of web browsers are now set free. De-linking makes the data set very flexible: browsing history data and tags can be stored on-line or on one's computer and it can be given different access levels: private or shared. Further it can be used to build usage dashboards.
hooeey's approach also makes it possible to map multiple sources of browsing data to a single Internet user (typically, users may be working with different computers at work and at home and may be using different browsers simultaneously, as well).


Business model
Freemium, technology licensing
Competitive advantage

browser and platform agnostic