Homedika: Healthcare Is In Your Hand
Location: to be updated, Indonesia
Founded in: 2016
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 1-5
Funding history:
- Date: 01/2018, Government grant: $20 k
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Homedika: Healthcare Is In Your Hand

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Company description

Homedika is one of the leading health marketplace in Indonesia. It is a technology that connects health professionals and health facilities that provides a lot of health services to patients to be treated at home. This is a new initiatives developed by Indonesia Medika as a company concerning in inventing innovative health products and or services, aiming to make a meaningful impact on the Indonesian society by extending the medical treatment and patient care. We want to change the behavior, culture, and style of health professionals toward their patients to create a new ecosystem of healthcare services and incite them to work more on this essential. We aim thus Indonesian people to feel the difference of the ease, speed, and openness, value it, and make a greater use of our unique healthcare services in a country still on the road to development.

Business model

Homedika is a platform which allows patients to be treated at home with qualified and well experienced health professionals, to make them feel the benefit from the most comfortable, accurate and suitable services. This program aims to make a meaningful impact on the Indonesian society by extending the medical assistance from health facilities to home.

With, it enables health workers to be sent directly to the patient‘s houses, and that combines many kind of health services. Several services provided by includes: (1) In-home healthcare services including medical prescriptions at home; (2) One free service for a person under privilege per 20 health services (owner of the « Surat Keterangan Miskin » certificate provided by the Indonesian Government); (3). Access to only qualified and registered health workers (medical doctors, nurses, midwives, nutritionists, psychologists, and physiotherapists); (4) Emergency appointment at homes available 24/7; (5) Capacity for the patients to choose their medical health worker, depending on their preference of gender, age, area of intervention, religion; (6) Blood sample at home and delivery to the laboratory by the health worker; and (7) Ambulance and drugs services.


These services aim to overtake the main Indonesian healthcare system‘s failures:  - Lack of skilled health workers - No in-home healthcare services in the whole country  - Emergency services no guaranteed to come on time - Isolation of the patients from his or her family when under treatment at hospitals

Competitive advantage

Having said that current existing product/service is huge in terms of quantity, we believe that it is crucial for Homedika to stand out in terms of quality and unique offers. To hit the market and spread the delivery, Homedika has its own differentiation, as follows:

  • Connect the patient and the community
  • Increase the productivity and usefulness of health professionals
  • Helping health professionals earn substantial income independently
  • Patient without queuing and without transport
  • Improving recovery through convenience for home care
  • Reduce the risk of transmission in a clinic or hospital
  • Health professionals choose the time of service and patient can select the desired time
  • Enable everyone to access and find out full information of health professionals completely
  • Improve the comfort and the ease of getting healthcare services
  • Save time through immediate service
  • Patient can choose health professionals and health professionals an choose to accept or reject to give healthcare services
  • Establishing more open and connected healthcare access,
  • The largest healthcare platform for building a new health ecosystem through connecting health professionals and community requiring healthcare service,
  • Available online consultation,
  • Patients reviews about health professionals achievements and accomplishments which are fully considered
  • All sick people can access to Homedika services, regardless of financial resources.