Improving Surgery with Augmented Reality
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Company description

With HoloSurg3D's Augmented Reality software app RadHA, we allow surgeons to view radiology images in a totally new way: projecting 3D radiology images onto a real-world background (even onto the patient!). This helps surgeons to better:

  • Educate patients about their surgeries
  • Understand complicated anatomy before surgery
  • “Roadmap” important structures during surgery, making surgery faster, safer, and more efficient.

We will make money by provided hospitals with a tiered, "good, better, best", model subscription of our application. We offer advantages over competitors in portability, ease of use, and CPT-code reimbursability for model processing.








  • Jesse Courtier
    Jesse Courtier | Founder
    Associate Professor of Pediatric Radiology at the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospital and founder of HoloSurg3D.
  • Benjamin Laguna
    Benjamin Laguna | Founder
Business model

We plan to offer a tiered subscription “Good, Better, Best” model for our application, targeting Hospitals and Enterprise systems. We will increase hospital revenue through reduced costs from surgical complications, improved patient satisfaction scores, and increased referrals. 

Competitive advantage

Our solution is a software application developed for the Microsoft HoloLens. Processing for our models is reimbursable using current 3D processing CPT codes (3D printing has no CPT code). It offers a level of portability that competitors in virtual reality (EchoPixel, Surgical Theater) do not. We also have Diffusion Tensor Imaging processing which other competitors do not offer (including Terarecon)