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Company description

HobbyEarth is a social network which connects people around their hobbies.

It gives them the tools to tell cool stories about their hobbies and share them with individuals with the same interests. A conversation can start, leading to possible new acquaintanceship, and perhaps even friendships.


The vision:

In their most basic sense, hobbies are activities we undertake in our free time for our enjoyment. Whether we pursue them alone or in groups, hobbies are often the parts of our lives we find the most fascinating and for which we have the least time.

With HobbyEarth, we want to help people practice their hobbies. Help them by giving them access to valuable information, locations, equipment, and contacts that will save them time and money that they can use for practicing their hobby. It doesn’t matter what your hobby is; it just matters that you have something to fill your free time with something that is all yours… something that feeds your soul. Hobbies have become an integral part of our lives, and everyone on Earth should take full advantage of them.

HobbyEarth gives this opportunity.








Competitive advantage

Unlike other social networks, in HobbyEarth, each hobby has its own page which holds all content for that hobby. People can find all information regarding that hobby in one place and not split across several ones.