Location: Fredrikinkatu 61A, Helsinki, Finland Finland
Founded in: 2009
Stage: Revenue generating
Number of employees: 6-15
Funding history:
- Date: 06/2011, Seed: $1.5 M (post valuation: $3000000).
Investors: Investors participating in this angel round include private investments from senior Nokia executives, JSH Capital Oy, Hasan & Partners, PM Ruukki Oy, Notion Oy, Rock Island Investment Oy, and T&T Enterprises Oy, among other private individuals from the me
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Taking content discovery back to how it's supposed to be done!
Helsinki, Finland Finland

Cognitive Maps’ offering represents a radical leap forward in content discovery process. Independent bands and artists upload their music to enter the Hitlantis universe to gain exposure represented in a graphical mapping interface that truly reshapes the media landscape. For more information, please visit

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Company description

Utilizing the best content discovery on the planet, Hitlantis’ proprietary technology unites music lovers and indie music in a rewarding and visual social game-like community.

The unique visual platform of Hitlantis transforms the content discovery experience prompting mainstream press like Fox News to call it “a better paradigm than Pandora.” 

Hitlantis’ platform generates a new user interface paradigm merging visual exploration of content and consumer recommendation mechanics, showing instantly large collections and content popularity by relevantly linking social interaction from users and bands in this community.

Hitlantis’ user interface leads the paradigm shift to a visual, explorable map-like interface – beginning with music, but already experimenting with other types of content. It’s well known and acknowledged that while wildly popular, the iTunes storefront itself, for example, is a cluttered maze, and search engines and newspapers struggle with content discovery beyond their front page and endless lists of results. Hitlantis represents a fundamental shift forward in browsing content. 

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  • Timo Poijarvi
    Timo Poijarvi | Team member
    Timo Poijärvi is a co-founder of Hitlantis by Cognitive Maps Ltd. Timo has over 15 years of versatile experience of combining IT, mobile and entertainment businesses, currently making waves as CEO & President of, a high...
Business model

Basic usage of Hitlantis is free for everyone. But in order to participate in great competitions to really advance their career, the bands subscribe flat fee Premium Package of 5€ & 10€. (already, after just 9 months of operation, 9% of the bands do pay premium)

Artists may purchase premium priced SMS based “15 minutes of Fame” adverts so their ad appears in the Central Plaza of Hitlantis.

Should they manage to sell their music, Hitlantis cuts 10% commission leaving them 90% which is the best offer on the market.

Advertising is coming very soon on the Central Plaza.

As we know exactly what our users do and when and where, data mining and intelligence is a sellable asset.

The business model of the mother company Cognitive Maps is to license the visual platform to as many other services as possible and to provide customisation.


Competitive advantage

Hitlantis solves the content discovery problem of Internet. Every single content service out there is suffering from traditional text based search mechanics, which basically fail to meet the expectations and needs of human behaviour: people do not shout odd letters into the letterboxes of record stores, NO, people step in and start browsing music visually. Internet does not offer this experience – not until Hitlantis. Our visual browsing resembles the real life experience of browsing music visually in a record store. Hitlantis platform not only generates new user interface paradigm but takes internet and content service usage into the new era of visual browsing. Hitlantis has been live just some months but is generating lots of buzz.