Record your life. Share with others.
Fullerton, California, United States United States
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Company description

HipGeo is a secure way to record all the moments in your day using smart phones through photos, video, audio and more.  It enables you to archive your life including your routes and places, and share with family and friends, or colleagues.  HipGeo is a mobile social network integrated with popular social networks.  HipGeo is pioneering continuous location services.

Business model

HipGeo's long term business model is to provide a Mint.com like suggestion engine to users, integrating third party offers and services.  As the user archives their information, they build a profile which they can choose to match to offers and opportunities through alerts.  Users and friends respond to suggestions, offers, and ads. HipGeo makes money through revenue share, ads, and referral fees.

Competitive advantage

Superior battery management, extensive backend technology, and a unique approach to archiving GPS data.