Private instant messaging and group chat for companies.
Sunnyvale, California, United States United States
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Company description

HipChat is a private instant messaging and group chat service for companies that saves you from the distractions of today’s workplace: pointless meetings, long email threads, and the dreaded “tap on the shoulder.” Using HipChat, you can share text, code and files in a private setting for instant collaboration and decision making. Founded in 2009, HipChat was started by the guys who created HipCal which was acquired by Plaxo. For more information about HipChat or to give HipChat a try, check out www.hipchat.com.

Business model

HipChat is an inexpensive subscription-based service with plans costing about a dollar a user.


Competitive advantage

Email is slow, meetings get sidetracked, and regular IM doesn't work well for groups or collaboration. HipChat helps you share text, code and files for instant decision making.