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The social network for surprise
Santa Monica, CA, USA
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Company description

Hinter’s mission is to make people smile every day. People love to be curious and consume billions of videos, meme’s, GIF’s and now Hints. Hinter has created the newest medium for people to create and interact with content. Comedians are masters of content delivery, by separating the joke from the punchline, Hinter transforms this delivery into a digital format to delight people on their phones. Hinter has created a new medium to create and interact with content - the ‘Hint. A Hint is a meme reinvented in a way that is more interactive and fun 

Hinter works by enabling users to create content by hiding a photo behind a blur, pixelation or darkened filter and a caption, which we call a ‘hint’ to tease users about the hidden content. Users are then inclined to guess in their mind what lies underneath the hint and then tap on the filtered image to reveal the content. This creates a fun and addictive experience that keeps people guessing with each Hint they consume. 

Hinter services both younger and older users. Younger users, use Hinter to showcase selfies and play games with friends while older users, like Hinter as an entertainment product, using the reveal to consme content. The underlying technology has broader applications beyond the mobile app and will be used inside of games, for dating and in advertising. The Hint is the next major way for users to consume content on the web and Hinter's intention is to enable Hints everywhere.  

Download Hinter now on App store appsto.re/us/nm7u5.i

 Hint, Hint, Hint









Business model

Hinter is both mobile app and a technology. Hinter has a multi-faceted revenue model including Native Advertising (Pay per Reveal), Data Licensing, API / in app purchases and advertising technology.

Hinter's marketing is focused around creating excellent content and driving users to the content through growth hacking, influencers and social sharing. Hinter's team has driven millions of users previously using these channels. So far, influencer  marketing has been tested and can drive users at less than $.40 per app install. With the beta release, Hinter will focus on growth hacking and sharing and is currently designing the infrastructure into Hinter to enable organic growth. These organic efforts are being led by our active advisors who have driven over 100,000,000 organic app installs. 

Competitive advantage


Hinter's competitive advantage is in its patent pending technology for how it delivers content, wrapping it in a Hint. The technology is surrounded with a social network, creating additional barriers. Hinter has an amazing teams of founders, investors and advisors who have built and operated large content, social and mobile properties.  
The Hinter family includes
Christian Montoya who led product development for Draw Something, which generated 100,000,000 organic app downloads,
Brian Swichkow, who have driven millions of users from Reddit,
Stewart Alsop, who backed the leading social content service Twitch and
Richie Hecker who operated Bebo, which was the #1 social network in the UK