HeyKiki is a search and discovery engine that connects activity enthusiasts with trusted local instructors and practice partners for a variety of interests.
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Company description

HeyKiki is a platform that connects activity enthusiasts with trusted local instructors and practice partners for a variety of interests. We aggregate and recommend activities based on user preferences and currently have over 100,000 instructors nationwide.

We want to get people out of their ordinary routines, meet like-minded people and make life more exciting by participating in their activity of choice. HeyKiki allows users to pursue and improve upon existing interests and learn new ones by connecting with instructors, practice buddies and students online so they can actually meet off-line. It's simple...LEARN, PRACTICE, TEACH!

Why HeyKiki?

• To Learn – Learning a new activity or skill

• To Practice – Improving upon your existing talents

• To Teach – Teaching local students in your area of expertise

 Who is HeyKiki for?

• Individuals looking to learn any skill, sport, craft, hobby, or any other imaginable activity

• Teachers and Instructors looking to connect with new students

• Students and Instructors looking to connect with local peers and improve their skills

Benefits of being a HeyKiki member:


• Trusted platform to easily find local teachers and activity instructors through our localization engine

• Review instructors' class postings and schedules

• Choose instructors and classes based on ratings and reviews from other members

• Connect with members in your neighborhood with similar interests to practice and improve your skill set

• Provide ratings and reviews for members you have engaged with in the HeyKiki network


• Generate new income through referrals from HeyKiki's local community of activity enthusiasts

• Save money by posting your classes for free in the HeyKiki directory

• Make yourself easily accessible to a targeted audience through HeyKiki's social media channels and other class promotion features

• Connect with other professional instructors in your area to practice and keep your skills sharp

Features of HeyKiki's platform:

• Clean, user-friendly web interface

• Searchable network to learn, practice, or teach any activity in your area

• Create a profile within a community of local students and instructors to promote your self interests

• Post a class or find one that interests you

• Post a practice buddy listing to connect with members who share the same interests in your area

• Rate and review instructors' classes

• Communicate with members using the internal messaging system

• Take advantage of HeyKiki's social media channels

Who is Kiki?

• Kiki is our fun-loving activity monster who inspires us to pursue our interests. Embodying the spirit of life and representing enthusiasm, zest, and curiosity, Kiki promotes and encourages activity sharing on the site. 


Website: HeyKiki.com | Blog: heykiki.com/blog