Hey! You Up There!

Hey! You Up There!
The Go-To Network for Kids Who Love Sports and Their “Sports Parents”
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description

Hey! You Up There! is creating the go-to network for kids who love sports and their "sports parents." The network delivers virtual and real-life experiences through social media and live festivals. Video is a key value driver, including user-generated content and a TV show where the kids are on-camera as much as high-profile athletes.

We present an investment opportunity in a venture that will tap the $200 billion tween market and is 3 months away from its public launch. 

Content And Platforms

We will reach kids and parents through a television show, a participatory web site and major live events, all revolving around kids, sports and fun.

Television Show: Hey! You Up There! is a high‐energy half‐hour weekly sports magazine/variety show that puts tweens firmly in charge, both as studio hosts and roving reporters. They take us behind the scenes at sporting events, stadiums, and arenas - where they get to interview athletes from a kid angle, and hang with entertainers and other colorful characters that make up the world of sports. They introduce us to "super" kids in the studio, who excel as athletes, performers or difference makers. They present exercise and nutrition segments that are funny and engaging, featuring mascots, dance crews and flash mobs. They participate in games and sketches, off‐the‐wall challenges, and fun contests.

Web Site: Hey! You Up There! online is a hub that prominently features User Generated Content contributed by members, as part of the Kid Reporter contest, the Youth Mascot contest or simply out of a desire to express themselves. There will be segments from the TV show as well as web‐only content, including extended interviews, "making of" material and bloopers. Tweens will have the ability to suggest show topics and segments, to rate videos and vote for their favorite contestants. Plus all the other bells and whistles that tweens want on their site - games, leaderboards, quizzes, polls and opportunities to personalize their experience. Parents get their own dedicated section.

Live Festival: KidsGotGame! is a free family festival which serves as the exclamation point for our multifaceted, fun, kid‐centered celebration of sports. Like the television show and the web site, KidsGotGame features Athletes, Mascots, and Performers, Kid Reporters and Families ‐ bringing together everyone who loves the world of sports in a playful and participatory setting.

Business model

Rollout And Reach

Network growth will be fueled by the 16 million tweens in organized sports - who have larger than average social networks, high profiles among their classmates, and are strong academic performers - the "influentials" who can spark a movement.

We have secured the commitment of Comcast SportsNet to broadcast our TV program in Northern California starting in late 2010, with a roll‐out to other parts of the country planned for 2011. CSN reaches 4 million households in Northern California and 40 million nationwide.

Our web 2.0 site will launch at the same time and will ramp quickly. Top virtual worlds for kids generate hundreds of millions of page views per month. Our premise is that a sports-themed social network can generate the same kind of passionate, engeged audience.

Our Kids Got Game festivals will be major annual events in 10 or more cities, with each festival drawing over 20,000 attendees. The first festival is scheduled in the fall of 2010 in San Francisco.

Target Market

Hey! You Up There! will appeal to children of all ages but our focus is on tweens ages 8-14. Parents are also part of the target market. Tweens and parents represent a population of over 60 million people in the U.S. that accounts for $200 billion of annual spending.


Hey! You Up There! will monetize a valuable network / demographic through multi-platform sponsorships and brand integration.

Competitive advantage

HYUT is creating a unique media property. We have unique access into the world of professional/high profile sports, which we utilize to draw our initial audience. We have a cast of kid reporters who can engage athletes in a very different way than their adult counterparts. We feature mascots, dance crews and flash mobs as ways of making fitness fun. We provide many different ways for kids and parents to participate, including web-based social networks, contests and sports-themed festivals.

There are no television shows and scant online content highlighting the positive and bright side of sports on a tween level. There is certainly no competitor in this space that covers TV, web and live events.

Recent Nickelodeon Research revealed that "no previous generation of kids enjoyed spending time with their parents as much as this one...kids and parents are looking for ways to spend time together." We think it natural that online video creation on sports topics can be promoted as a fun parent-child activity. We will be an early mover in this regard.

A recent study reported that 16 million tweens are active in organized sports. Their parents are with them every step of the way. The study stated that "these tweens have larger than average social networks, high profiles among their classmates, and are strong academic performers. Hey! You Up There will hold the most appeal to the "influentials" that can spark a movement.