HEMS Technology

HEMS Technology
Cleantech, Energy Sustainability Hi-Tech Company
Mansfield, Texas, United States United States
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Company description


HEMS Technology is a CleanTech company impacting the carbon footprint globally through innovative consumer products that help reduce energy consumption on a house-by-house or building-by-building basis.  We offer a plug and play, easy to use ZigBeeTM based or OpenRFTM based mesh sensor power monitoring network that helps homeowners (parents and teens) reduce electricity use and carbon footprint while learning how to apply "green" lifestyles and habits.  


Our company is currently in the market launch stage looking for investors to fund our sales and marketing efforts in the USA and Europe markets.




Business model

Our product offering targets global consumer level mass market outlets such as Home Depot, Lowe's, and Wal-Mart where energy users can purchase home energy saving, carbon footprint reduction kits and stand-alone products. The idea is to provide a starter kit mesh network that consumers can later expand and grow as needed.


We additionally target other large users who can implement a more complex network for "demand response" such as electric utilities, "demand control" such as security companies and energy conservation service companies, "energy efficiency" such as new and existing home builders who cater to the "green" building requirements and meter manufacturers who need an AMI/HAN solution.


Please request our executive summary. Only serious inquiries please.