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help Our world (hOw) Brasil/Global
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About us hOw stands for help Our world and is a humanitarian initiative to uplift the disadvantaged and help them rediscover the colours of life. It is an effort to raise awareness and involve them in many activity areas, helping them to live in this world with increased self-esteem and confidence. help Our world (hOw) was inspired by the lack of integration and collaboration that characterises contemporary charitable work and philanthropic initiatives. We intend to work as a vehicle that brings as many humanitarian groups together and by joining efforts, make a real difference to more communities and more people who need our help and support. We at help Our world (hOw) have vowed to help those in need by reaching out to them and by creating a network of charities and partnerships that have a positive effect on serving multiple humanitarian causes. (Do you want to know more what we do? Read more…. --------------------------------------------------------------------- THE HOW TEAM Rua Engenheiro Fausto Silva 175, Parque Do Ingá, Teresópolis, RJ - CEP 25960-070, Brasil w:

References and examples of previous work

Please find some examples, of our work. The set up is used for training purpose and running the different organisation....

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