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Our product Helix can be used by scientists to access the information they need without having to interrupt their experiments.  Helix is a hands-free, artificially intelligent, voice-activated laboratory assistant that can be accessed through a smart speaker using natural language.  Scientists can simply ask Helix for the information they need, rather than physically interacting with a computer or lab notebook.  Helix has multiple features, all that can be accessed in a hands-free manner, that are useful to scientists working in a lab.  Some of Helix’s features include:

  • An extensive knowledge base that includes information and physical properties of thousands of different chemicals
  • The ability to relay specific scientific recipe components and walk a user through the steps of a protocol
  • An inventory management system that can recall location information, be modified through voice commands, and facilitate quote requests/ordering
  • The ability to learn about the user’s lab in order to provide the user with journal and news articles that are important to their field of study.


We are currently partnering with a major membership organization and a leading vendor in the area of molecular biology to bring Helix to the scientific community.