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Manchester, New Hampshire, United States United States
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Company description

haystagg offers a targeted, programmatic ad network solution. It accels on situational targeting, opening up existing ad inventory to non-cookied users across devices. This removes dark spots in targeted advertising, increasing the reach of ad campaigns by 100%.

haystagg was founded in 2013. The company's founders have extensive experience in marketing optimization, demand side and data management platforms as well as predictive targeting technologies.

Our technology is based on a proprietary realtime bidder and predictive modeling based on genetic algorithms that are able to evaluate bid requests in realtime. Situational targeting uses combinations of user related, location, time and placement data to evaluate impressions "fresh", making it completely independent of the need to precompute profile data that ages out before it is used.

Competitive advantage

Other programmatic platforms require predetermined cookie pools to target audiences. We circumvent the need for these pools, which results in significant extended reach as well as better prospecting capabilities.