Harlequin Engineering

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Harlequin Engineering
Environmental engineering
London, United Kingdom United Kingdom
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Competitive advantage

Localised production eliminates the costs and environmental damage associated with Pan European transportation of a single product.

Modern composite products are stronger and more adaptable than thermoplastics.

Roof boxes can be produced in colours to match vehicle colours.

Designs are easily and cheaply  adaptable to local market conditions.

JIT production eliminates storage for the retailer.

Localised production eliminates margin eroding exchange rate fluctuations for the retailer.

JIT reduces in transit damages and returns.

Composites can be refurbished opening up a 'pre used' market.

Composites can be decorated (unlike thermoplastics) to corporate designs or consumer desires.

Online transactions and JIT production eliminates the need for retailer/manufacturer credit terms. Cashflow is linear and reserves for extended credit are eliminated.