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HaraBara, Inc.
Greening the Globe - One Business at a Time
San Francisco, California, United States United States
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Company description

HaraBara, “abundantly green” in Hindi, is the B2B information resource and community for companies that are turning environmental issues into business opportunities.

For executives facing this challenge of "green", who are dissatisfied with today's chaotic information overload, our patent pending GreenBase™ is the essential information resource, structured for business, unlike the piecemeal, scattered presentation in the increasing number of green sites and sources. We have put together a comprehensive, in-depth way to access actionable information that saves our users time and money while reducing risk.


We filter, review and catalog current and historic information relating to green, sustainable, environmentally oriented products, company actions, technology, research, engineering and government developments. Our patent pending technology and processes ingest information from all sources, including news, blogs, company and government websites, and social network conversations and across all media types such as HTML, videos, etc. Each reviewed item includes a proprietary assessment of source reliability.
Business model
Strategy and Market 


HaraBara targets B2B companies in the U.S. and India that require access to current and archival information about the wide-ranging subjects related to the green economy. HaraBara's initial targets corporate executives and marketing individuals in 25,000 medium to large companies (20,000 in the US), since larger organizations are more actively involved in green issues and are willing to spend money on information (for market research, competitive intelligence, due diligence, etc.).

HaraBara’s initial success in India with a referencable list of subscribing companies showed customers’ specific interest in global political, technology, and regulatory information.  HaraBara is building out highly relevant information in these fields.

Products and Business Model

HaraBara B2B product subscribers get access to valuable and relevant decision support information and connect with customers and suppliers who are also part of the HaraBara community.

·                HaraBara GreenBaseä our unique and comprehensive patent pending decision support information database of green current and archival information across all media and channels (with more than 50,000 informational items within the next few months).  Sophisticated search and analytical tools make access an essential resource for market research, competitive analysis and similar tasks.

·                HaraBara Lexsite Environmental Law Database - India.  Other regulatory and legal information will be added.

·                HaraBara Connectä allows members to promote products and services, build their brand and market leadership, find buyers and suppliers as part of a global network of companies dealing with green challenges.

·                HaraBara Daily Briefä and GreenWeek Reviewä deliver concise, relevant, current news and information, important to companies dealing with green, such as the Huffington Post or Drudge Report for politics.


HaraBara, during its introductory period, will combine the above products through individual user based subscription packages.


In addition to the subscription revenues that the users of HaraBara products generate, HaraBara expects to monetize its usage through corporate sponsorships and promotions.


HaraBara Informational Resources can be further exploited to offer custom research, analysis and reports, and other information products. 



Competitive advantage

HaraBara uses current web technology to provide centralized access to relevant information and benefits from the fragmented mass of current information. No company, publisher, website or government agency combines current and relevant information with an archival database based on an expert editorial process in the green space.