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My alarm clock wakes up my roommate!

This is a problem that many college students and couples face when living with others who have different morning schedules than them. HappySleep solves this problem by developing a vibrating alarm-wristbands that interfaces with iPhone/iPod Touch applications via Bluetooth.  This way, you can customize your wristband to vibrate whenever you want to wake up (and avoid hitting the snooze button multiple times) - enabling the nuisance of everyday alarm to be silent and discreet. With the HappySleep iPhone application, you can even set up for a 20-minute power nap in the middle of the day, get notified of scheduled events, as well as many other functions. So, what is cooler than an iPhone with applications? An iPhone 3G that turns the stylish HappySleep bracelet into a vibrating alarm.

Team Members:

Fei Jiang (Team Leader) is currently a UC Irvine undergraduate studying Biological Sciences and minoring in Management

Praveen De Silva is currently working as a mechanical engineering consultant for Shape Medical Systems Inc. He is a UC Irvine undergraduate studying Mechanical and Material Science Engineering

Kevin Hung is a current 4th year undergraduate at UC Irvine studying Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science Engineering. He has participated in team projects on campus such as Design/Build/Fly (DBF) and Formula Hybrid. Kevin is comfortable with creating engineering drawings and building the physical parts, bringing experience and dedication to HappySleep team.



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