Happy Beverage Company

Happy Beverage Company
The Spill Stopper!
sacramento, California, United States United States
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Company description
The Hot Topper is a perforated disc that will accompany the current cup and lid offering
in the “to-go” hot beverage industry, and will serve as a must-have solution to the present
spill and splash problem. This innovative new product was invented to effectively
commercialize a hot beverage spill inhibitor. The Hot Topper is one of the “next big
things” in the retail coffee business, which is an 18 billion dollar industry in the US
alone.  As the coffee sleeve prevented burns and juggled hot coffee cup spills, so the Hot
Topper will solve the last great to-go annoyance. The market share for the Hot Topper is
the estimated fifty eight million per day ($635 million annually, USA) cup and lid
market in the United States and the volume of the Hot Topper is expected to surpass that
of the cup sleeve, which is only used in paper cups.
Business model
Our product will be targeted towards the rapidly growing gourmet tea and coffee market,
as well as restaurants, retail outlets and distributors that are modeling their hot beverage
to-go programs after major coffeehouse chains. We plan to produce and sell 30 million
Hot Toppers in the first 12 – 18 months of production and sales. This is only 1% of the
total, available US market. The constantly growing worldwide market that models itself
after the Americanized style of to-go drinking allows us to estimate revenue in excess of
$1.3 million per month with gross margins at 24% conservatively and profits at over
$300,000 per month by the end of year three, conservatively. The Hot Topper has filed
both US and international patents as barriers to entry from competitors. We believe the
Hot Topper can support an estimated value of $26 million as a private company and close
to $63 million as a public company by the end of year three.
Competitive advantage
There are no products that perform in the same manner as the Hot Topper.  It is unique because it allows the consumer to not spill their beverage, while simultaneously allowing them to drink.  The product does not need to be removed, like current products on the market.