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In short, Happtivity is the first holistic health app that optimizes all health factors, allowing humans to be healthy in an evolutionary-novel environment. It creates a personal schedule that incorporates evidence-based tasks to ensure each user prioritizes healthy, productive practices across the four determinants of health: social, emotional, physical, and environmental. No one will need to buy a self-help book, a "cognitive" supplement, or any other bogus wellness item again.

Uniquely, Happtivity emphasizes altruism and gamifies the goal achievement process by allowing users to select pre-configurated templates of historical figures as their "Persona". If a user successfully completes a four-week streak of "Persona" achievement and gets the most interactions on the app's social feed amongst their friends, I get a reward based on the health-oriented ads I see and tend to visit (taking advantage of rapidly saturating healthcare market and advertising expenditures).

It can be connected to Fitbit and VR-platforms. Additional crowd-sourcing is accomplished by connecting users through sites like Pinterest and DeviantArt to encourage the sharing and production of creative expression and productivity tools. Users can pay for a premium account that supports moderated groups that tackle specific issues such as insomnia, ADHD, and decision-making under the direction of licensed clinicians and life-coaches, expanding the scopes of telemedicine and coaching. 
Thus, Happtivity disrupts the growing productivity and wellness sectors by combining them. It offers multiple upgrades for premium users and can be monetized through medical ad revenues, which have grown significantly.
Our Goal: Wellness for everyone, everywhere.